Monthly Archives: July 2015

As promised.

As promised photos of my new Honey Hive cum through penis plug. I had to make a couple of modifications  to it but it is still the best ure [...]

Stretching with weights and plug

two 20mm x 48mm.   2.5lbs of weight   love it [...]

“One of a Kind”

FINALLY managed to comfortably install this excellent, large, penis plug with pee-hole. Will report back later [...]

Cock Ring

Cockring from Hush Canada, very comfortable and fits round balls and penis. As you can see the Vains are not too strangulated which makes th [...]

4 gage

my wife [...]

“Stretching Tool for Urethral Play”

“A Closer look at the Stretcher in action. Just passed another ball.” [...]

Stretching Tool

Just doing a bit of stretching to get ready for the next size large Sound.  [...]
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