Monthly Archives: August 2011

first piercings

I finally had my nipples pierced for my 63rd birthday [...]

first tat

Before I started piercing got my first tattoo at age 60 [...]

self webcam pic

a better pic of my nipples [...]

0g screwball ring

Stretched to a 0g about a month ago, here is my 0g screwball ring from The Chain Gang. Well made great feeling piece! [...]

2 gauge pa

Just another view. [...]

2 gauge curved barbell

Another view of the 2 gauge curved barbell. [...]

weights and 2 gauge

My favorite 2 gauge curved barbell with some weights for fun. [...]

another view of a great ring

This piece of jewelry got me aroused immediately. [...]

new 00 gauge pa ring

Just received this from The Chain Gang. 00 gauge. What a great weight! [...]

my new ring!

larger diameter ring [...]

hanging out

Had mine done,in johannesburg about 3 years ago by a real pro He did it very quickly,no bleeding minimal irritation etc.Ive never looked bac [...]

new ink

Added a little ink to go with my steel [...]
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