Monthly Archives: August 2010

pa 4 gauge

pa 4 gauge close up [...]

curved barbell

other pa, im very happy with my piercings [...]

nipples [iercing are hot

nipples rings now a size 6. guys go crazy for them [...]

my prince albert

Got it done in January as a size 10 now at size 4 and growing [...]


enjoy the visual of her sapphire [...]


enjoy the visual of genital piercings and decided to get one [...]

my sapphire

saw a hot photo spread of a girl with a hood piercing, thought it is was attractive, showed the wife and she agreed, after several conversat [...]

view the many rings

This is a better Look at the rings I am using to stretch with [...]

stretching play time

I was stretching my PA and decided to add some color [...]

pool boy

Playing by the pool [...]


Playing in the snow [...]

pad lock

Just playing around [...]
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