Monthly Archives: April 2012

april 2012

I can wear these 2 small bands as spacers along with this 2g nipple ring under my clothes to keep it stretched. [...]

nipple training

I love wearing this and have alomost been able to stretch it as far as the trainer will allow. [...]

my brand new pa why did i wait so long

Bisexual piercing freak just got my PA and I love it [...]


It’s all on view [...]

6ga ampallang and apadravya

6ga ampallang and 6ga apadravya. the two barbells cross in my urethra and throb together when i cum…..amazing!! [...]

4 ga love it

Had the peircing a year and still love it [...]

4 ga love it

Had PA For a year and still happy with it [...]

blueballs 6g

blue balls 6 guage [...]


cherry bomb 6 guage [...]

10 guage

day after piercing [...]
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