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Did I mention I like a little WEIGHT on my freight?

Well so there’s a good 6 pounds and change. [...]

subincized dick with clipped balls

A subincision ( I had to give up my Prince Albert and frenum ladder)  Pictured post scrotectomy [...]

I like a little weight on my freight…

I like to weigh down the dick too so they sway in time together! [...]

From 4G. to 1/2″ Monster screwball by The Chain gang!

¬† The first pics are my 4 GA. captive bead. Then I stretched to a 1/2″ Monster screwball by The Chain gang! The bottom pics.. This pr [...]

Mes Piercings faits par moi !

La tige qui traverse le gland est de 6 mm et la bille 8 mm l’anneau qui passe dans la tige et traverse le frein est de 4 mm x 25 mm [...]

New to CBT, any suggestions?

New to CBT, any suggestions? [...]

“Non-Piercing PA Look-Alike”

The glans ring and ball are right below the frenulum. When foreskin is forward it is hidden. In my case the whole this is hidden. [...]

40mm x 40mm donut weight

Its been a couple of months stretching with this and I am liking the results. [...]

My 40mm x 40 mm donut weight.

This my 40 x 40 weight when I first got it. [...]

Stretching with different devices

I’ve used quite a few different devises, the most recent from The Chain Gang are by far the best quality and comfortable. [...]
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