Monthly Archives: October 2013

my dick

I love pierced dick [...]

pieced cock in a blue room

Started with my nipples and then did the apadravya in my Nob. Paused there for a while and just went up to an 8. The base of the piercing ca [...]


Chaleur agréable [...]


Lui donné un peux de couleur [...]

10 ga. pa

Just sitting around [...]

well loaded sac

Lots of metal in the bag feels great. [...]

12 in foreskin

Twelve little teeth really excite your head! [...]

weighted cock

First toyed with piecing as schoolboy putting in safety pins. 30 plus got into it seriously, now have nickers full of metal all way to bum a [...]

several rings

My wife like to put Troll beads on them… [...]

my pa

MY ampalang [...]

stretch ball

much room for rings [...]
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