Monthly Archives: June 2010

showing off

yep, for the all the Men out there. [...]

ball weight

piercing and ball weight very good feeling [...]


love working a hole larger and larger [...]

my first piercings

my nipples where the first piercings I had. Did them myself several years ago. They are still one of myfavorite piecings next to my navel pi [...]

my guiche

had this piercing several years. self done…. [...]

my prince albert

i love it 3/8 by 7mn my freind make my piercing him self [...]

a 0 gauge pa

a shot with some fur around it! [...]

early photo of p.a.

first piercing ever was the scrotum. braved up and went for the p.a. a couple of years later. started at a 10 guage and have gotten it down [...]

7/16″ pa

All my piercings are self done, Pa, Nipples and ears [...]
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