Monthly Archives: November 2016

More ball rings and some rubber cock rings too

I wonder if I can wear all this under my jeans and not get detected at work??? [...]

Glans Rings and Ball Stretcher Rings

Glans rings and ball stretcher rings – a nice combo! [...]

11mm new plug

Just got my 11mm plug in all the way, feels great…Hope you like [...]

Current 2 gauge

At the moment I’m at 2 gauge, since October 30 2016, but I won’t stop just yet, and I’m not sure where/when I will… [...]

Stretching to 2 gauge

In order to get to the desired size, a knitting needle can be a very helpful tool, especially if you (foolishly & painfully) decide to s [...]

Stirrups 14 gauge

The stirrups I put in mid-October 2015, about 2 weeks after getting my piercings. Ill-advised, most would say, but I was healing rapidly, a [...]

Initial 14 gauge nipples

My first piercings, done early October 2015, at 14 gauge. These were taken mere hours after having it done. I can honestly say that I barely [...]
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