Monthly Archives: February 2012

nipple shield

12g with 3/8 shield. [...]


Been wearing these 24/7, been stretching for 1 1/2 yrs . great weights from the chain gang working up to more. [...]

another new tit shot with my new shields

Just got the shields on the nipples las night, and they look rather cool. I will still be able to wear my pretty sapphire nipple rings as we [...]

here’s another pussy shot, for posterity

After getting my new nipple shields installed, had a little fun with a friend, and this is the result. Piercings definately add to my sexual [...]

another shot just because

Got the shields tonight and they are terrific. Takes a little getting used to for the nipple and causes some tender pinching, but I just adj [...]

new nipple decorations

Got my new nipple shileds last night and thought I should share how terrific they look. I think they look good. They are the Celtic Sun Nipp [...]

my pink jewel

I love to wear jewlery in even the most unexpected areas. It’s a visual surpize that makes it exciting. [...]

in the locker room

Getting ready to take a shower after working out – was stopped for a picture. [...]

ball weights

My first ball weight – love it and plan to buy another! [...]

00ga curved barbell

Another pic outside on patio – no more winter pics outside – too d–n cold. Self portraits are not easy – probably to [...]
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