Monthly Archives: February 2015

My PA in hydromax

My cock in hydromx! [...]

My Nipples

LL Left nipple with 4ga screwball ring and 10ga big ballin dumbbell, right nipple with 6ga big ballin umbbell [...]

Close up shot!

resting on the bathroom sink while shaving [...]


My 40×40 and my 28×40 along with my orbital head ring! [...]


My nipples & clit’s very sensitive.  Did your piercings enhance the sensitivity of your clit or nipples?  [...]

2 4ga rings

different feeling [...]

something different

2 4ga rings from the chain gang [...]

New 8 gauge pendulum CBR’s

These are totally awesome! The added weight and the “swing” of the pendulum feel so good!!! Love the jingling sound they make [...]
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