Monthly Archives: January 2011

pad locks

Went out for the day with out the key [...]

close up

close up and personal [...]

seated and pierced

at home with my piercing. [...]

both nipples

A shot with both…..not common for a 50 year old LOL!!! [...]

10 gauge captive bead

Had nipples done 3 years ag and love the way they look and feel!!! [...]

nipple stretchers

Made them myself. Shown with 2 14g in each. [...]

8 guage

another view [...]


Started with 14g, then double 14 in the same hole. Now wear 8g [...]

gym lock

Just my lock again. [...]

gym lock

Thought it was the right size and it was!!! [...]

beaded sounding

I’ve been sounding for many years and love sliding chilled sounds down my penis. The beaded hollow sound feels great, and is amazing d [...]

beaded sounding

This is the CG Beaded Barrel of Fun Penis Plug. It feels great but would be better if it were longer and thicker. [...]
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