Monthly Archives: July 2011

pisces hippie gypsy

Ten on each ear. Bellybutton, upper lip, nose and one on each cheek bone. Not done yet…. [...]

my pa sans jewelry

Everyone shows you with jewelry, for those thinking about it here is the hole once stretched to 0g. [...]

building slowly!

I plan on building a ladder, it takes time. [...]

i wanted a pa, it did not go over big

I had a PA for a week, but it did not go over big when she got home, so this was the compromise. I have stretched these to 0 ga, it has take [...]

new balls

six 4g scrotals, 4g frenum, 4g pubic, re-pierced PA. Sweet. [...]

sonnys nipples

middle age guy that i have both my nipps peirced and want more. [...]

pa and ball stretcher

Stretched to 1/2″ gage… still stretching [...]

close up of wifes fairie on nip

Close up of one of the fairies I bought my wife just a-swinging on the Nipple, I love to flick with my finger. [...]

latest pa pic relaxed

Thinking of going up a gauge. [...]

my pa shaved & trimmed

I really enjoy this PA. [...]
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