Monthly Archives: October 2010

big ballin curved barbell

Big ballin 1 1/8 inch curved barbell with 3/4 inch and 5/8 inch balls. [...]

ear mods2

Left ear. My favorite :-P. Currently displaying a 16gauge vertical tragus piercing, 4gauge conch (dermal punch), lobes at 6gauge and 2nd hol [...]

ear mods

Right ear. Currently displaying a 14gauge industrial, 14gauge horizontal tragus (originally pierced at 8gauge but downsizing was necessary d [...]

facial mods

Here shows all of my facial modifications. Nostrils at 4gauge, septum at 12gauge, dimples currently at 10gauge (going to 8gauge soon), lip a [...]

gauged nostrils

I started with having both nostrils pierced at your standard 18gauge. I have a thing for stretching piercings and I decided to go bigger wit [...]

dermal implants

The bottom implant is an 8gauge transdermal, for which I was a guinea pig and it turned out rather perfect :). The top 2 are the standard 14 [...]

0 gauge cbr

Not a lot to tell have had the Reverse Prince Albert for about 2 years, iit’s great. [...]

ball weights

Thought I’d see how they felt [...]

8g ladder

9 rungs in the 8 gauge ladder [...]

6 gauge nipples

Started at 12 gauge and stretched to 6 gauge [...]

0 gauge reverse pa

Have had the RPA for about 3 years, replaced the original PA as it migrated. [...]

christmas cheer

Trying to keep up the Christmas Spirit! [...]
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