Monthly Archives: March 2019

Estimming my Cock Again

Estim is my it..makes my cock throb and feels so damn good., I estim for hours or get off quick for a quickie. [...]

Pumping my Balls

Pumping my balls til it hurts so good..and my Cock is loving it too..hope you like. [...]

Extreme Pumping

This is how I play. Pumping my cock until it is swollen so good…stays swollen for hours after I get finish pumping.. love to torture m [...]

Estim and Sounding My Cock

Love to estim and sound. So Damn intense. Gives my Cock that ultimate feeling that I so enjoy. [...]

Swing cock more.

 my ugly cock getting a swing to help make it longer. [...]

Cock slinger.

Love to swing my dong.feels so nice my package swinging to and fro.Makes my cock hard.Man I'd love to have a gal to ass fuck. [...]
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