Monthly Archives: November 2013

new blog posting about our waterbuddy bathmate

Make sure that you guys are signed up for our regular blog to not just the Photo Blog;. Here is the post; [...]

cock full of metal

Twentyfour pieces in so far and still adding. [...]

warm metalled sac.

Taken twenty years to fill my balls with metal, lovely when warm and hanging. [...]

new one of a kind penis spine and plug

This is a Beautiful Piece of machining that we are very proud of. I personally Love it and think it is under-priced for the quality. But we [...]

worlds most comfortable steel ball stretcher

The Donut Ball Stretcher Weight is by far the most comfortable that there is on the market sold by Anyone. We know because our Customers tel [...]

skull labret for tons of different piercings now

These are used in dermal, cheek, madison, ear and half a dozen other piercings now. They are not just for Labrets anymore. http://www.thecha [...]

double ball closure pendulum captive bead ring

This is sure to tickle her fancy, if you know what I mean. And only $21 bucks. Here is a link to its page; [...]

circle rings

Nothing Better for your PA Here is a direct Link; [...]
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