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Great For Prince Albert Piercings
Awesome for PA’s, Nipples & More
Donut Ball Stretching Weights
Perfect For PA’s & Reverse PA’s


Been stretching for about 20 months now – decent progress maybe……3 1/2 – 4 inch hang, without weights. I have been s [...]

17,5cm stretch

Maximum for now is 17,5cm. 16cm now almost confortable. [...]

16cm stretch

16cm morning stretch [...]

A different point of view

This is the same 34mm ring, different view [...]

Just getting started

Started out with the 34mm weight, seems a little too tight, going to order a different size [...]

ball stretching

cbt, bdsm, rings, ball stretching [...]

ball stretching

CBT, BDSM, cock and ball rings, stretching [...]

24/7 weights on…

24/7 weights on… [...]
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