Monthly Archives: July 2010

chunk rings and 5/16 balls on the pubic bar.

Put chunk rings in but dont know how long it will last. One felt good but both of them makes it impossible to jog! I dont want to stretch th [...]

1g pa

Another shot of 1g PA [...]

1g pa

Newly upsized from 2g to 1g, on my way to 0g [...]

just because

something differant and i didn’t have anything to do so one peircing led to another and so on [...]

my frist one

Well, this was my first one I decided to get my nipples pierced. I have had 1.6mm rings in the past. And I wanted a higher guage i stretch t [...]

finally got my pa

My story is like most others here. I’ve been looking into a PA for quite some time and finally got the nerve to do it. [...]

right industrial

My second (And third for that matter…) piercing ever. Got it a little less than a week ago and it is healing fine. Hope to get many mo [...]

wife’s vertical clitoral hood

She had this done in San Diego at the Church of Steel. They do excellent work and are very professional. The blue ball on the bottom is a fr [...]


This isn’t me as I don’t have any piercings yet, but this is the best pic of an apadravya I could find. I want a double apadravy [...]

my second shaft apadravya

A shot of my second shaft apadravya ,just behind the head. Once again, a good job by Pineapple at Shaman Modifications in Austin. [...]

my first shaft apadravya

This is my first shaft apadravya pieced by Pineapple at Shaman Modifications in Austin. He did a really great job, so much so I decided to g [...]

one way to slowly stretch up

This is a set of antique medical devices called ‘sounds’. They used to be used in delivery of antiseptic to internal infections [...]
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