Monthly Archives: June 2016


i am able to take the whole length of this sounding rod into my cock, with a full erection it is about 2cm. inside. the feeling is incredibl [...]

From 1 guage. Now down to a zero guage

From a 1 guage down to a 0 guage [...]

my guiche w 3

I want a heavy guage ring….any suggestions? [...]

my guiche w 3

Teflon bar + curved barbell + captive bead ring… feels good!   [...]

my guiche after 1 week

the bar was way too short [...]

my guiche

Primal thick tapered curved bar [...]

my guiche

curved bar bell [...]

my guiche w 2

I really want to stretch the piercing so I can wear a heavy guage…4, maybe 6 mm…..any words of wisdom? [...]

my guiche

BearBen_SYD Earlwood, Sydney, Australia [...]

Stretching to a 0. I just went down to a 1 gauge

I was at a 2 guage just went to a 1 guage. Soon I’ll be at a zero guage which is were I want to go [...]
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