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Great For Prince Albert Piercings
Awesome for PA’s, Nipples & More
Donut Ball Stretching Weights
Perfect For PA’s & Reverse PA’s

New PA in 6 gauge

Finally got psyched up enough to redo my PA.Happy it is now done… [...]

My Lorum ladder in 8 g rings

My Lorum ladder in 8 g rings… [...]

My New guiche piercing…

My new guiche piercing,plan to stretch to 2 gauge. [...]

Lord of the Rings

top piercing is a reverse P.A. 2 gauge bottom is a 4 gauge but I can still fit the 2 gauge in [...]

New Lorum

2nd piercing originally a 12 ga. now stretched to a 8 ga. Waiting for it to heal so I can go to 6 ga. First piercing was a frenum just below [...]
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