Monthly Archives: February 2011

hairy p.a.

love to j.o. with my p.a. [...]


In all his glory. [...]

something to write home about

Fountain pen is the same 1/2″ gauge as the Monster Screwball Ring! [...]

pa 1/2″ ga coming out of hiding

Commando, ususally, or camouflage in this case. [...]


my penis, adorned. [...]

self webcam pic

Just another pic of me [...]

self webcam pic

showing without my rings [...]

self webcam pic

Showing off a little sometimes two weights. [...]

self webcam pic

I love to have my very large nipples pulled on . [...]

my webcam pic

showing off my piercings [...]

my webcam pic

This is my first pic of me a while back my first ever self pic. [...]
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