Monthly Archives: October 2014

My new favorite!

3lbs, 90mm – thx TCG [...]

Weighted Balls

   I thought I was getting pretty good at stretching, but after looking at some of the other post I know I have a long way to go…can [...]

After a hot Bath

After a nice hot bath they hang nice and low [...]

My new Steel! Thanks Chain Gang!

My new Steel! Thanks Chain Gang! All of your steel is pure art! If you open each image, they are right side up to view:) Damn iPad encoding [...]

My First Plug

8mm, 4.125″ long [...]

Made this in my shop. Feels great when it swings

very heavy, took around 15 rings to get it the right size and bore. 20 thousandths larger it falls off.  That much smaller bore and it hurt [...]
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