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Great For Prince Albert Piercings
Awesome for PA’s, Nipples & More
Donut Ball Stretching Weights
Perfect For PA’s & Reverse PA’s

My first Plug … feels awesome

    How do you get the plug to stay put? It kept wanting to slide out. Still amazing.   [...]

New Rings

I have 3 and 4 glans rings on. They feel great on, and I think they look great.       [...]


i am able to take the whole length of this sounding rod into my cock, with a full erection it is about 2cm. inside. the feeling is incredibl [...]

“Personal Adornments”

“Already Penis Plug Screwed…Just added a little temptation for my own little penis.” [...]

“My Best Dress”

“Just another Night Out On The Town.” [...]

“Extra Balls”

“ The Weight, the Pleasure, the Stimulation…..I’m stretched to over 12mm so it is harder to keep in. Wish/Hope these thing [...]

“Penis Plug Divine”

Just love having steel in my Dick. [...]
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