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New to CBT, any suggestions?

New to CBT, any suggestions? [...]

“Non-Piercing PA Look-Alike”

The glans ring and ball are right below the frenulum. When foreskin is forward it is hidden. In my case the whole this is hidden. [...]

9/16″ Penis Plug

It took a couple of years to graduate to this size penis plug and I love it. [...]

Penis Plug

This was my first Penis plug, very comfortable and the rings fitted by shaft perfectly. [...]

“First Post”

“I am, for medical reasons, unable to be ‘actually’ pierced. However, TCG has provided me with many items to allow me to g [...]

urethera play

always looking to go deeper [...]

pierced penis


new blog posting about our waterbuddy bathmate

Make sure that you guys are signed up for our regular blog to not just the Photo Blog;. Here is the post; [...]

new one of a kind penis spine and plug

This is a Beautiful Piece of machining that we are very proud of. I personally Love it and think it is under-priced for the quality. But we [...]

4ga p/a

Professional tattoo artist and piercer [...]

added parachute with 5-10 lb

Added parachute to two chaingang weights with 5-10 lb. Swinging parachute makes for additional pleasure [...]
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