Penis Piercings

Stretching to get ready for 10 MM

I inserted a 1/4″ SS rod in next to my 8MM ring, to begin the stretching to get ready for my 10 tribal ring that I just ordered.  The rubber bands are  holding 1/4″ SS rod in place, so I can wear pants and go out. Can’t wait for 10 MM to arrive. I have stretched my PA like this in the past, but only for a few hours here and there.  Although the pain was nice for a bit, it became overpowering. This time I have had the rod in for almost 8 hours, no pain, other than the initial stretch.  I should be go to go for all weekend. I may leave it in until I get the 10 MM  ring.   Can’t wait my  mouth is watering in anticipation..


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