Nipple Piercings

Initial 14 gauge nipples

My first piercings, done early October 2015, at 14 gauge. These were taken mere hours after having it done. I can honestly say that I barely even felt it; I was seriously disappointed, especially since everyone assured me it was going to “hurt like hell.” Bleeding also was minimal, and healing was speedy, to say the least. Against advice given, and perhaps better judgment, I swapped the curved barbells for some stirrups after only 2 weeks… LOL. If I can find pics of those, I’ll post them as well…

Anyway, pretty soon I knew I wanted bigger, so it all looks a bit different now…

FYI: Technically, the PA that I got in my late teens/early 20s was the first, but it was both poorly placed, and way too small a gauge. Long story short: my already oversized slit is now roughly twice its original size…



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