Not bad just wanted 2 b different .
These are used in dermal, cheek, madison, ear and half a dozen other piercings now. They are not just for Labrets anymore. http://www.the...
photo 1
 The first pics are my 4 GA. captive bead. Then I stretched to a 1/2" Monster screwball by The Chain gang! The bottom pics.. This process w...
This is an absolutely gorgeous piece that you can find at;
2014-05-18 17.11.58-1
I first got this when I was the ripe old age of 53, now I'm 54.  When I first had this done it was with a 16g barbell, but I wasn't happy w...
very heavy, took around 15 rings to get it the right size and bore. 20 thousandths larger it falls off.  That much smaller bore and it hurt...
A subincision ( I had to give up my Prince Albert and frenum ladder)  Pictured post scrotectomy

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